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Human Resources Professionals, Training & Development Managers:

  • Because the performance of your business relies on the performance of men and advancing human capital is an essential investment in the success of your organization...
  • Because you want to set up training programs to boost Managerial skills, Leadership development and improve Team performance, while respecting time constraints and effectiveness of your managers...

For your managers, ICADEM proposes a comprehensive range of focused, pragmatic and results-oriented training programs.

The strenghes of ICADEM: an innovative solution of distance learning programs by phone, for a minimum effective time spent in training.

ICADEM uses coaching techniques transposed in a group situation, characterized by:

  • the development and follow up of training individual KPIs,
  • the use of concrete situations brought by Managers.

The group dimension:

  • offers a wealth of situations experimented by managers,
  • promotes the opening of a wider scope of understanding,
  • generates more possibilities for action,
  • helps to take into account differences in perceptions among participants.

Using the phone supports various skills essential to the practice of management:

  • active listening,
  • impact in interventions,
  • the interpersonal skills on the phone.

The benefits of ICADEM trainings for your organization:

  • Customized training, adapted to the constraints of your managers,
  • The monitoring of individual KPIs in a group dynamics,
  • A durable appropriation and implementation of new managerial behaviors through modular, distributed training sessions,
  • A large-scale deployment to strengthen corporate culture and best practices among managers,
  • Satisfied participants thanks to contents focused on their reality field (absenteeism rates near zero),
  • A formula that helps you to control your training budgets.

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